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Hot Topic Credit Card Review

Do you want to get to know all the details about Hot Topic Guest List credit card? This article contains not only the exact information about this credit card, its pros and cons. In this Hot Topic credit card review, you will also find out how to apply for this credit card or log in to your account online.

Types of Hot Topic Credit Card

Hot Topic offers an amazing credit card for those customers who frequently visit Hot Topic stores – this card might be a viable option for them. Yet, the card cannot be used elsewhere than at Hot Topic stores, so it barely makes any sense to apply for it if you don’t shop at the stores of this chain frequently. But let’s look into this credit card in detail.

The first thing to mention in this Hot Topic credit card review is the fact that this card comes without an annual fee, but with a high purchase APR. So even if you want to make a purchase with credit funds, we highly recommend you to pay that debt off in 25 days – that’s the interest free period. The other fees of this credit card are quite hefty as well: late fees and return payment fees can be as high as $38 each.

Hot Topic Credit Card
Hot Topic Credit Card

Even though this card is really a poor option for paying with credit funds, the bonuses it offers are truly worthwhile. First of all, one has to mention in this Hot Topic credit card review the actual rewards offered by this card. So, you will get 1 point for each $1 that you spend at Hot Topic stores. After you reach 100 points, you can redeem them towards $5 for Hot Topic purchases. That actually leaves you with the astonishing 5% rewards rate!

But that is not the end of the story, actually. After you have gained 500 points in total, you will receive the Guest List VIP status. That status will provide you with such bonuses like the $2 standard shipping for all your orders and dedicated customer support line. But most importantly, you will receive 1.25 points for every dollar spent then. That actually boosts your rewards rate to as high as 6.25%!

Apart from such enormously high rewards rate, this credit card can boast a number of other advantages as well. The card’s sign-up bonus is 15% off your first purchase with this credit card. Also, you will earn two coupons with 20% off the purchases of $50 and more every year. Besides, the card also grants you early access to events and sales, as well as you will get extra offers on your card anniversary and birthday.

Hot Topic Credit Card Login

If you are seeking how to complete the Hot Topic credit card login, you will find out in this part of our review how to do in a matter of seconds. Once you have signed up for online banking with Comenity and Hot Topic, you are able to access your credit card account anytime. This is how you can log in to your credit card account with Hot Topic:

Hot Topic Credit Card Payment

When it comes to how to pay your credit card from Hot Topic, there several ways how you can do it. First of all, you can pay your card in the branches and offices of Comenity Bank. But we recommend you to pay your Hot Topic credit card online – that will allow you to save your time.

In order to pay this credit card online, you must register for online access on the following website. Once that is ready, you can log in to your credit card account there and pay Hot Topic credit card of yours right there. If you have any other questions, please check our FAQ or contact the customer service for help: 1-844-271-2526.

Apply for Hot Topic Credit Card

If you are seeking how to apply for a credit card from Hot Topic, we will disclose this process at this point of our review. This procedure may take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes, but one may surely state that it tends to be as simple and quick as possible. Besides, you will receive the result right after submitting your application!

Alternatives to Hot Topic Guest List Credit Card

Hot Topic Credit Card guest list
Hot Topic Credit Card Guest List

Obviously, the credit card from Hot Topic offers a truly generous rewards rate on purchases. This this card would be truly perfect for any frequenter to Hot Topic. But, perhaps, you may want a little bit different mix of rewards? In this part of our Hot Topic credit card review, we compared this card to a few other credit cards.

Hot Topic Guest List vs Chase Freedom

Chase Freedom is one of top credit cards from Chase Bank, which offers generous rewards. Unlike Hot Topic Guest List Card, Chase Freedom comes with a lower purchase APR and a number of other bonuses. Indeed, you shouldn’t expect such a high rewards rate from this card, but there are other advantages.

Unlike Hot Topic card, Chase Freedom will provide you with 5% cash back rewards on select categories every quarter (with up to $1,500 spent). And while that’s equal to the basic rewards of the Hot Topic Guest List Card, you cannot be sure that Hot Topic stores will be frequently available for selecting as a category. So, if you frequently shop at Hot Topic, you may still pursue applying for the Hot Topic card. After all, it won’t be so bad to have another card for you.

But in terms of other rewards, Chase Freedom outperforms Hot Topic Guest List in everything. You will also get a $150 welcome bonus if you manage to spend $500 within the first 3 months. In addition, you will receive cash back of 1% on all purchases you make. Likewise, you can benefit from 0% intro APR period on both balance transfers and purchases, which will be valid for 15 months.

So, if your credit score allows you to grab a Chase Freedom card, you should definitely pursue it. But if you tend to be a frequenter visitor to Hot Topic stores, you may get more from its 6.25% rewards rate and exclusive discounts and offers.

Hot Topic Guest List vs U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature

If you know well how to maximize rewards, U.S. Bank Cash+ Visa Signature Card may be a viable option for you. The credit card comes without an annual fee, but offers extremely generous rewards at the same time. Let’s break it up into the details.

Same as Freedom Chase, this credit card from U.S. Bank offers 5% cash back on quarterly categories (for up to $2,000 per quarter). If Hot Topic or department stores appear to be among those categories, it may be a pretty decent option – it only slightly lags behind the 6.25% rewards rate, offered by the Hot Topic card.

But this U.S. Bank credit card comes with an abundance of other features. It also provides 2% cash back on one of everyday categories (groceries, restaurants, and gas stations) and 1% cash back on everything else. At the end of the day, the card comes with a generous welcome bonus of $150 (spend just $500 within three months in order to receive it) and a 12-month long intro period on balance transfers.

As you can see, the card from U.S. Bank offers paramount rewards. But at the same time, it also requires an excellent credit. So, if you have a fair credit score and you tend to visit Hot Topic stores rather often, there is no reason why would you attempt to apply for the U.S. Bank card.

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